Colonial Capital, Williamsburg
Serving the Children of the World
Membership Information

The Kiwanis Club of Colonial Capital always has a need for additional members to help carry out its programs.  Membership is without regard to race, gender, or religion.  Candidates for membership are provided orientation and training on the purpose of Kiwanis, Colonial Capital's objectives and policies, and individual member obligations.

Candidates for membership are approved for membership by majority vote of the Club's Board of Directors.  Membership is conditional upon the new member satisfactorily completing a New Member Indoctrination program.

A quality candidate is an individual who -- after gaining an understanding of the above -- desires to serve and actively contribute to the Club's objectives in support of the greater Williamsburg community.

Reasons to join us:

The opportunity to help
We believe that those who give the most are the happiest. There is nothing more beautiful than individuals who reach out to make other people’s lives beautiful. It teaches us the value of service to others and shows us how important our contributions are in making this world a better place most especially for the children. 

Personal growth and development
Membership provides education in human relations and personal development. Being in service to others develops good character in every person. It gives us experiences that teach and develop us to become better individuals. 

Make friends and be part of something great
Being a member allows one to take part in the many activities and projects we create. We have a great group of members who enjoy spending time with each other for the betterment of our community

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our club or are interested in joining, please contact the Chairman of the Membership Committee, Jim Simpson by phone at 757-903-2267 or by email at  You can also learn more by attending one of our breakfast meetings.