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Colonial Capital Kiwanis Learns about Conflicts among Our Founding Fathers - 07/13/2017
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Paul Aron, Director of Publications for Colonial Williamsburg, recently presented a program to the Kiwanis Club of Colonial Capital about the conflicts and differences among the Founding Fathers of the United States.  Mr. Aron pointed out that the Founding Fathers were united in their desire for independence from Britain, but had starkly differing views about how the new nation should be governed and their debates with each other were very similar in form to what we see among politicians today.  Mr. Aron has published a book titled "Founding Feuds" which shows many details of the arguments that existed in the post-revolutionary time period.  Pictured from left are...

Colonial Capital Kiwanis Hears about JCC Police Outreach Programs for School Children - 07/05/2017
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Master Police Officer Alan McDowell of the JCC Police Department recently spoke to the Kiwanis Club of Colonial Capital about outreach programs to connect with students in the JCC schools.  The objective of the programs is to project a positive influence about police officers and at the same time help the students understand how to maintain or improve  their own personal safety while they are out and about in the community.  Pictured from the left are Club member Al Albright, McDowell and Club President Larry Shoberg. 

Colonial Capital Kiwanis Hears about the World's Submarine Forces - 06/21/2017
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Captain Bill Riffer, (USN Ret), presented a program to the Kiwanis Club of Colonial Capital about submarine forces, focusing on how the United States forces compare with similar forces of other countries, especially Russia.  Captain Riffer explained that submarine types run the gamut from midget subs to giant nuclear powered boats with missile firing capabilities.  He also discussed the current U. S. plans  to produce new submarines to maintain the U. S. advantage.  Pictured, from left to right, are Club President Larry Shoberg, Riffer and Club member Harley Stewart.